Our Local Farm Partners

"Let's Keep It Local Baltimore!"

Local Farms Spotlight

Curious where our flowers come from? Meet the local farmers that make everything possible!

Harcream Nursery at Flowers by Bauers & Greenhouses

Partner - Matt Bauers

Flower's by Bauers & Greenhouses grows a variety of snapdragons and other crops, year round in greenhouses located in the rolling hills or rural northern Maryland. Because their greenhouses are just minutes from their shop in Jarrettsville, Maryland, you know you're getting fresh flowers, harvested by growers that live and work right in the community. "Fresh Cut Daily" is more than a slogan, it's what they deliver.


Helen's Garden

Owner - Helen Campbell

Helen's Garden is located in the Greenspring Valley of Maryland. Annuals, perennials, bulbs and shrubs share space with the chickens, pigs, turkeys and dogs. She grows without the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides and uses only natural fertilizers.


Hillen Homestead

Owner - Maya Kosok

Starting as a passion project in a vacant lot in Baltimore City in 2012, Hillen Homestead grows over 80 kinds of unique fresh cut flowers and foliage. They specialize in unusual varieties that don't ship well and are hard to find. They proudly use sustainable growing methods, including no-till production, no synthetic fertilizers/pesticides, and locally sourced compost for fertility.


Two Boots Farm

Owner - Elisa Lane

A family run farm and floral design studio in Hampstead, Maryland growing a wide variety of cut flowers and produce; including 100 cultivated pawpaw fruit trees. Using only sustainable, ecological practices so that future generations can continue to grow in healthy soil. What started as a hobby in 2005, has bloomed into a full-scale flower farm.


Flora Farm at White Hall

Owner - Mike and Kerry Koletar

Fred and Joy Koletar started The Flower Cart in 1961. Born into the industry, Mike Koletar me his wife Kerry while both working at The Flower Cart in the 1980's. Now as the current owners of The Flower Cart, they literally live, work, and breathe flowers! Opening their own flower farm in 2020, Flora Farm at White Hall.